Every healthcare unit or a hospital has within itself a mandatory facility specially an aseptic environment where surgical activities, operations and other emergency actions which require a clean and sterile area are carried out. The term OT or the operating theatre or room, is such a place where a through aseptic environment, has to be maintained throughout the clock and 365 days. However this task is not as easy as it sounds as there are various parameters that have to be taken into consideration and a lot of complex procedures to be followed in order to keep the operation theatre in good shape and condition. While we discuss about this, even the equipment within the operating room plays a major role in the activities that take place in the operating area. The operating table is one such very critical property of the operating theatre. Although this is one such equipment that can be tilted, upwards, downwards, side wards, this has to be maintained immaculately, because it is that platform where all the operating activities have to be carried out. The very next system that has to be taken care of very critically is the lighting system. This is because the activity that takes place in the operating theatre needs proper lighting, which is most important to observe, study and carry out the essential medical activities such as operations and similar.

The next aspect is the maintenance of the regulation of air input, temperature and ventilation, and most importantly the purity of the air within the operation theatre. The main reason behind the maintenance of the temperature is because the doctor or the surgeon, along with his staff needs to wear multiple layers of clothing like the operating theatre dress and the apron and other clothing which obviously creates a higher body temperature leading to mild or moderate perspiration. This in turn leads to the formation of bacteria or other microbes that may interfere with the activity causing considerable contamination. Secondly uncomfortable environment and physical status of the surgeon also becomes a point of disturbance and lack of concentration and may become the root causes of errors and mistakes which at times may prove to be very critical. So in order to avert such instances, a proper air control and temperature control mechanism like air conditioners, air purifiers and so on has to be installed and maintained accordingly.

Likewise, apparatus like the anastasia machine, pulse monitors, all kinds of sterile instruments and so on must also be very keenly observed for malfunctions or other errors and have to be rectified accordingly. But once again these kinds of jobs are to be done by specially trained personnel. Airtech is one such organization, dealing with the supply of surgical, hospital equipments and cleanroom apparatus, their efficient maintenance, servicing and repairs and refurbishing. Airtech also provides Disinfection Sterilization, Biosafety Level services in Singapore.

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